In 1996 the founders of Piedmont Automation formed a small group with visions of engineering excellence in automation and controls. They began with expertise and customers in the petroleum pipeline and related oil and gas industries, and quickly expanded with industrial manufacturing customers including the pharmaceutical industry and others. Soon additional engineering employees developed even more design, programming and automation expertise as they dedicated hours of effort to planning the growth of the company.

Turn of the Century

During the period 1999 to 2002 B&R Industrial Automation presented exciting new opportunities via product sales. Piedmont Automation was among the very first to partner with B&R as a distributor in the USA, largely because it was among the very first system integrators for B&R with years of experience in their products. The client base enlarged to include other industries focusing not only on end users, but also on Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who produce machines used for all types of manufacturing and industrial purposes. Expertise grew in a number of applications and industries including textiles, plastics, packaging, food & beverage, inspection, and more. This led to expanding services for design and project management, and the company began to partner with machine builders to provide designs, finished electrical cabinets, and turn-key solutions with commissioning.

Over the years, Piedmont expanded its sales force, including sales engineers to assist the salespersons and customers. Sales and engineering persons work with B&R and the stakeholders to innovate, design, and complete applications for new machines, production, projects, and R&D. Piedmont attracted talented engineers and salespersons and continued to nurture their development with continuous education, training and mentorship.


Today Piedmont Automation serves many industries and hundreds of clients, providing sales and engineering. Through perseverance and dedication, invigorated employees have built a thriving multidisciplinary firm, forecasting expanding sales and promising opportunities into the future.

Please contact Piedmont Automation now, as we prove ourselves to be your valuable partner in combining innovative automation equipment and solutions.