February 2016: Reduce Operational Costs

Reduce Operational Costs with Secure Remote Access to your Machinery
Discover our Highlights for 2016

We present our innovations for the coming 12 months. Innovations from all R&D departments – including drive technology, software, controls, HMI and process automation – are scalable and work together seamlessly. Curious? Take a look at our developments!

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Automation Fun Fact of the Month

A conveyor manufacturer will usually create a belt that has rather low speed so that the materials don’t fly off the transit. However, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, a mine in Germany uses a conveyor belt that transports items at 900 meters per minute! This is the fastest belt found on any roller conveyor. You can find this conveyor on spreaders in the Rhenish lignite miles in Germany. They feature an active impact protection system and measure almost 10ft in width.

They Said Innovate, Not Complicate…

Piedmont Automation is a full-service sales, integration, engineering, and support organization dedicated to the needs of Industrial Automation Machine Manufacturers and End-Users in the United States. We are an exclusive partner of B&R Industrial Automation Crop North America Headquarters (located in Roswell, GA).

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We are a world class supplier of automation components and technology dedicated to providing innovative solutions.

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We are a talented engineering firm with twelve full-time engineers on staff for product, application, and machine development. We utilize the most advanced technologies to design the world’s leading machinery and robotics!

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We are a local company and trusted name in automation controls with global resources, dedicated to your ongoing needs for long-term success.