The capital goods market expects continuously expanding functionality while keeping prices constant. It demands top quality, a long useful life, and low operating and service costs. The only way for machines and systems to meet these requirements and offer real added value to the bottom line is through increased complexity. Increasing the time spent planning, developing, and building these products is not an option since fierce competition is driving companies to gain a technological edge. Software is a key element to reducing development time and getting your products to market faster, all while still increasing complexity and improving quality.



With mapp View, B&R now offers direct access to the wide world of web technology right from the engineering environment. For the first time, automation engineers have all the tools they need to create powerful and intuitive HMI solutions – and they don’t have to know HTML5, CSS and JavaScript do to it. mapp View relies 100% on web standards to ensure content can be viewed optimally on any output device or even customized for specific users or user groups. What makes mapp View unique is the way it integrates web technology right into the engineering environment. While mapp View is built on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, automation programmers never need to deal with these languages. All GUI functionality is encapsulated in modular control elements called widgets, which are simply dragged and dropped into place and configured. Since content and layout are separated, designs can be adjusted at any time or even used on other machines.


Automation Studio

Automation Studio 4 is the ultimate tool for machine and systems engineering. Through its sustainable and efficient approach to software development, it will help you keep your quality up, your engineering costs down and your time-to-market short – even in the face of ever-increasing product complexity. As a single tool for machine and system automation, Automation Studio 4 delivers an unprecedented array of cutting-edge features to support every stage and aspect of product development. It empowers software developers to master the growing complexity of mechatronic systems – quickly, efficiently and without compromising quality.


Automation Runtime

Scalability and return on investment with Automation Runtime. Automation Runtime, the software kernel which allows applications to run on a target system, is an integral component of Automation Studio™. This runtime environment offers numerous important advantages: Guaranteed highest possible performance for the hardware being used, Runs on all B&R target systems, Makes the applications hardware-independent, Applications can be easily ported between B&R target systems, Cyclic system guarantees deterministic behavior, Configurable jitter tolerance in all task classes, Supports all relevant programming language such as IEC 61131-3 and C, Extensive function library conforming to IEC 61131-3 as well as the expanded B&R Automation library, and Integrated into Automation NET. Access to all networks and bus systems via function calls or the Automation Studio configuration.


Operating Systems

With Windows operating systems, B&R offers the standard from the PC world to controllers and visualization applications as well. Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Professional, Windows 7 and Windows XP Professional can be selected as well as modular variants for embedded use. A Linux or GNU/Linux system is an open, Unix-like multiuser operating system based on the Linux kernel and GNU software. Widespread use and commercial applications were made possible starting in 1992 with the licensing of the Linux kernel under the GPL.





MAPP Technology

B&R is revolutionizing the development of application software for automation with mapp technology. These modular software blocks simplify the development of new programs and reduce the development time for new machines and systems by an average of 67%. When it comes to engineering new machines and systems, software development is becoming an increasingly significant time and cost factor. Nevertheless, the lion’s share of this work is spent on programming basic functions like loading recipe data. mapp handles these recurring programming tasks by providing preconfigured blocks – basic functions – that are easy to use and that have already been extensively tested. Programmers can then concentrate on their main task: implementing machine processes in the application software.



System Diagnostics Manager (SDM)

With the latest version of the System Diagnostics Manager (SDM), B&R has added a range of powerful new diagnostic functions to an already impressive portfolio. The user profits not just from being able to access information about system hardware and software from anywhere in the world, but also from ready-made diagnostic applets that can be easily integrated directly into applications. Since all service functions necessary for a machine or system are already integrated in the System Diagnostics Manager, it can be launched from any PC without any installation whatsoever. The only requirement is a conventional Web browser. The appearance of the System Diagnostics Manager can also be individually customized to match the look and feel of the machine or systems manufacturer using it.



Secure Remote Machine Access

The new remote maintenance solution from B&R makes diagnosing and maintaining machinery and equipment easier than ever. The solution utilizes the latest IT and security standards and allows for significant savings with low investment costs.


Condition Monitoring

The ability to predict machine and system failures before they happen reduces costs and increases availability. Condition monitoring modules from B&R precisely detect cases when service work may be needed and are also extremely easy to configure. All of these modules are part of the X20 control system series and can therefore be used in any control topology with no limitations. A special feature of these modules is that they perform vibration analysis locally, right on the module. The availability of fully processed results reduces the time and cost of integration to a minimum. These results also provide detailed insight into the system mechanics, allowing existing processes to be optimized with maximum efficiency.


Closed Loop Control

B&R’s closed loop control packages boost the productivity of your machines and systems. Robust field-tested control strategies increase machine precision and ensure consistent high quality of the manufactured products. All of these packages are available as Automation Studio libraries and are extremely easy to use. They allow fast implementation on your machine or system and greatly reduce the amount of time needed to complete a project.