Visualization & Operation

Whether operation takes place intuitively via touch screen, function keys or a combination of the two, B&R control panels provide unbeatable ergonomic comfort. Brilliant displays with a wide viewing angle provide an outstanding overview of all machine and system states. Industry-specific solutions, e.g. for the foodstuffs industry, and even custom adaptations round off this extensive range of products. As with our industrial PCs, these devices are developed by B&R, ensuring the long-term availability that machines and systems require.


NEW! Power Panel T & C Series

The Power Panel T-Series (terminal version) and C-Series (controller version) are high-performance HMI’s with a wide range of connection options! Both versions are equipped with an analog resistive touch screen. Equipped with an embedded browser, Power Panel T30 terminal devices are fully web-compatible and can also be used as a Visual Components client. The terminal series is being offered with four TFT display sizes ranging from 4.3″ to 10.1″ and comes with 2 Ethernet interfaces, 2 USB ports and an extensive array of configuration options.


NEW! Panel PC 2100

With an ultracompact housing that corresponds to the dimensions of a Smart Display Link receiver, the Panel PC 2100 is an extremely powerful PC system that can handle virtually any application. The control cabinet variant of the Automation PC 2100 also provides a complete PC system with minimized dimensions.



Automation Panels

Automation Panels are the perfect visualization devices for Box PCs or expanding Panel PCs. They are available in a wide variety of display sizes with a single touch or multi-touch screen and/or input keys. Designs withIP65 protection are perfect for use in especially harsh environments.



Panel Displays with Inputs Keys

Customize your panel to include single touch, multi-touch screen, and/or input keys. In addition to their standard variants, Automation Panels are also available in various industry-specific designs. They can therefore be used to cover special hygienic- or safety-related requirements in the food industry or even individual operating elements generally limited to the automotive industry.



Multi-Touch Displays

Multi-touch panels open up new dimensions for innovative HMI design. There are numerous gestures that might be used in an application: zooming in and out and rotating objects with two fingers, scrolling through lists and switching to the next screen with a quick swipe. The main advantage of multi-touch technology is how it makes operation more intuitive. At the same time, two-hand gestures for critical or potentially dangerous operations provide an effective way of preventing unintentional operator errors. Multi-touch displays are supported by the operating systems Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Professional, Windows 7 Professional/Ultimate and Windows Embedded Standard 7 Premium.


Swing & Support Arm Panels

Swing arm devices are available in two variants: with touch screen and with other additional control elements. Buttons, selector switches, key switches and an integrated E-stop button provide exceptional user comfort. Also included is an integrated RFID reader, which allows the assignment of individual access rights. Jotting down passwords on small scraps of paper has been relegated to the past – right where it belongs. Multi-touch screens provide a simple and intuitive operator interface. The implementation of two-hand operation for critical tasks prevents operations from being carried out unintentionally.



Hygienic Panels

Hygienic Panel Designs offer safe, fully enclosed, and rugged housing to withstand the most demanding environments. These panels feature robust stainless steel 1.4301, IP69K rating, Splinter Protection, RFID, gap elimination, seamless silicone seal, and can be configured for cabinet, and top or bottom mounting.





Mobile Panels

Ergonomic, light, and extremely impact-resistant, Mobile Panels enable convenient and safe monitoring and operation.


NEW! Smart Display Link 3

New Smart Display Link 3 (SDL3) is a digital display transmission technology offering clear advantages for constructing modular machines and systems. SDL3’s unsurpassed convenience is owed to two key advantages: complete independence from the operating system being used and the ability to connect the PC to the operator panel using only a single Ethernet cable up to 100 Meters between Box PC & Panel Display. This allows for drastically reduced cable costs over longer distances, and much greater flexibility for PC and Panel placement.


Customized Panels & PCs

B&R offers a free online tool, Panel Designer, that allows users to creatively design the exterior surface of their operator interface panels. In just a few simple steps, machine manufacturers and end users can quickly and easily implement their unique corporate designs or experiment with completely new ideas. Guided by an intuitive interface, it only takes the user a few clicks and some creativity to turn the standard display exterior into a individually designed panel. From the smallest visualization panel to the largest B&R Panel PC, custom layouts can be designed and downloaded within just a few minutes.